Antenna Measurement System and Quality Metrics

An antenna measurement system is a crucial tool in the field of wireless communication. It allows for accurate testing and evaluation of antennas, ensuring their optimal performance. Quality metrics play a significant role in assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of these systems.

The Importance of Antenna Measurement Systems

Antenna measurement systems are used to evaluate various parameters such as gain, radiation pattern, polarization, impedance matching, and efficiency. These measurements help engineers understand how an antenna performs in different scenarios and environments.

Sunyield Technologies Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, has been at the forefront of researching near-field multi-probe antenna measurement technology in China. Their expertise lies in providing accurate and rapid testing solutions for antennas and wireless connectivity.

Sunyield: A Pioneer in Antenna Measurement Technology

Sunyield Technologies has focused on technological innovation and market development related to antenna measurement systems since its inception. They have served numerous antenna manufacturers across China with their cutting-edge solutions.

The company’s commitment to becoming a leading manufacturer globally drives them to continuously improve their products’ quality while meeting customer demands effectively.

Quality Metrics Enhancing Antenna Measurement Systems

Overs spherical near-field (OSNF), planar/cylindrical near-field (PCNF), and compact field range (CFR) are some advanced techniques used by Sunyield’s antenna measurement systems. These techniques cater to both passive and active measurement requirements for military as well as civilian antennas.

The use of quality metrics ensures that the measurements obtained from these systems are reliable, repeatable, accurate, precise, traceable, consistent over time, unbiased by external factors or influences like temperature variations or electromagnetic interference (EMI).

In conclusion,Sunyield Technologies Co., Ltd. has established itself as a pioneer in the field of antenna measurement systems, providing accurate and rapid testing solutions for antennas and wireless connectivity. Their focus on technological innovation and commitment to quality metrics have made them a preferred choice among antenna manufacturers in China. With their advanced techniques like OSNF, PCNF, and CFR, Sunyield’s measurement systems meet the diverse requirements of military and civilian antennas effectively.


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